“Creating beautiful buildings and interiors is an art form. It involves listening, understanding, conceptualizing and finally giving shape to a vision; a vision that is inspired by your dream.
A building is great, if it is in conformance with robust architectural standards & at the same time does justice to that vision .”
– Mr Ashwini Kumar, Chief Architect.


At AJ Arkidesigns, we believe a building is as distinct as you. It is your project, and should be a physical manifestation of your requirements. Therefore, before our team of highly qualified architects and designers start working on concepts, we make it a point to understand you, your business and your needs better. This helps us to provide unique building concepts, themes and designs that are specially tailor made to meet your specific needs and expectations.

After years of experience, expertise and a very strong foundation in the field of architecture, we believe architectural creativity cannot be limited to a specific type of building or design. For a dedicated & creative architect, the classification on the basis of ‘type of projects’ done, is just a way of representating his/her accomplishments rather than a statement on the type of work he/she can do. For him/her, the whole wide world of architecture is a canvas, where his/her capabilities can weave magic & turn dreams & visions into physical reality.

Welcome to AJ Arkidesigns.
A world of creativity, spanning the whole architectural spectrum.