Landscape Architect / Architect

Ms Meenakshi Kumar
B Arch, SPA, New Delhi.
Designation: Director, Landscape Architect & Architect

Ms Meenakshi Kumar earned her degree of Bachelor of Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 2006. Thereafter, Ms Meenakshi Kumar obtained her degree of  Master in Landscape Architecture from University of Georgia, USA in 2009.

Ms Meenakshi Kumar obtained extensive practical experience in the office of M/s Satish Khanna & Associates, New Delhi from 2009- 2012 in large scale Landscape Design projects. Subsequently she started her private practice in New Delhi in 2012.

She is well traveled in India, United States of America and the United Kingdom and is familiar with the operational procedures of these regions.

She is registered with the Council of Architecture, Indian Society of Landscape Architects and is a GRIHA evaluator.